Stressed Out Eyes? What Caused It And How Can You Prevent It

You can stress out your eyes, just like other parts of your body. If your eyes are stressed out, they may feel dry, tired, can be red, or they may feel sore all of the time. You may also have headaches or even migraines regularly. If your eyes are stressed out, it may be caused by the things you do every day. You may be surprised by the causes, but they can be prevented.

Follow This Advice If Eye Exams Make You Nervous

Does it make you nervous when someone touches or comes near your eyes? This is not uncommon. Many people do not like or want their eyes touched! Some people are able to shrug off this natural nervousness for an eye exam, knowing that in this case, having the doctor touch their eyes is safe and for a good reason. But other people struggle with this. If you're one of these people — and you get really nervous before eye exams — here is some advice to help you calm your nerves and approach eye exams in a more palatable way.