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Stressed Out Eyes? What Caused It And How Can You Prevent It

You can stress out your eyes, just like other parts of your body. If your eyes are stressed out, they may feel dry, tired, can be red, or they may feel sore all of the time. You may also have headaches or even migraines regularly. If your eyes are stressed out, it may be caused by the things you do every day. You may be surprised by the causes, but they can be prevented. Read on for some tips to help you prevent stressed eyes and what may have caused this issue in the first place.

Causes Of Stressed Eyes

Your day-to-day routine may be what is causing your stressed eyes and vision. Staring at a computer all day at work may be a cause, or when you're at home and you're staring at another screen such as your personal computer, your cell phone, or your tablet. These screens can lead to eye stress, as you are staring at a screen without blinking at all. When you don't blink, you are going to dry out your eyes, which leads to stressed eyes.

Other things that may be causing stress to your eyes may be wearing your contact lenses improperly, or for too long at a time. If you aren't cleaning your contact lenses, or you over-wear them, it could be stressing out your eyes. You should give your eyes a break by wearing your glasses every once in a while. If you aren't wearing any corrective lenses at all and attempting to see without them, it can also lead to stressed vision.

Preventing Stressed Eyes

To prevent stressing your eyes out, you need to be sure you take breaks from screens throughout the day. This may feel nearly impossible with so much technology at your fingertips at all times, but you need to be sure you look away from these screens from time to time and allow your eyes to re-wet and re-focus. You should look away every 20 minutes from the screen and keep your eyes off of them for at least 20 seconds. You also need to be sure you wear your glasses or contact lenses as you should. Take breaks from your contact lenses and remember to clean them daily. Don't go without your corrective lenses to prevent damaging your vision, and to prevent stressing your eyes as well.

If you have headaches often, or your eyes feel tired all of the time, your eyes may be stressed. Talk to your optometrist about what other things you can do to prevent eye stress.