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Three Types Of Eye Emergencies And What To Do

The eyes are definitely one of your more important organs. Unfortunately, your eyes are also very vulnerable to infection and injury. Because of this, it is important to know what steps to take when you experience a common eye-related emergency, such as sustaining an eye injury or having an object get stuck in the eye. You should also be familiar with the signs of eye conditions that require professional treatment. Some eye symptoms will require professional treatment, whereas others will be okay for you to provide DIY treatment at home. Keep reading to learn three types of eye-related emergencies and what you should do when you experience them.

Eye Injury

If you are ever poked or struck in the eye, you may experience a scratched cornea. Some symptoms that you may experience include tearing, pain, and the feeling as if something is in your eye. Some of these symptoms may not be immediate and instead may not develop for a few hours after the incident occurs. Following the incident, wash out your eye with clean water or saline and then blink several times to see if you notice that the irritation goes away. Make sure to avoid rubbing your eye and wearing contacts, if you wear them. If the symptoms continue, make sure to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor who may provide you with some antibiotic ointment.

Pink or Red Eye

Pink eye, scientifically known as conjunctivitis, is a very common eye infection that tends to get better all on its own. Of course, you can get prescription eye drops and ointment that can ease the pain and discomfort of the infection. However, there are instances when pinkness and/or redness of the eye can be indicative of an emergency and that you need to seek medical attention right away. For instance, newborns who have developed pink eye need medical attention immediately. If you have symptoms that do not improve or worsen, you should contact your eye doctor. The same is true if you have sensitivity to light, blurred vision, or intense pain.

Something in Your Eye

If some dirt, a piece of metal, or something else has gotten into your eye, there are a few things you can do at home before you head to the eye doctor or emergency room for professional assistance. First, using clean water, flush your eye out. Make sure to blink several times to see if your tears are able to get out whatever is in your eye. If these steps do not work, bandage up your eye lightly and seek treatment from your eye doctor.

If you suffer an eye emergency and you aren't sure whether you can perform treatment at home or need to seek professional treatment, seek emergency eye care services or contact your eye doctor for guidance.