Improving My Vision With The Right Glasses

3 Tips For Getting Your Toddler To Wear Their Glasses

If you are told that your toddler is going to need glasses, you are likely relieved that their sight can be helped, but stressed when it comes to figuring out how you are going to get them to keep their glasses on. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting your toddler to wear their glasses.

Wear A Pair Of Your Own

A great way to get your toddler to wear their glasses is if you wear glasses with them. If you have a regular prescription pair that you wear, then you are set. However, if you do not usually wear glasses or contacts, then you can simply get a non-prescription pair of glasses to wear just for show. When your toddler sees that you are wearing your glasses, they will be apt to wear theirs because they will see that it is a cool thing to wear glasses. You can also talk with them about how well you see when you wear your glasses and how much you love wearing them. This is going to help them to see that wearing glasses is a very positive thing, and it will also help them to understand just how helpful glasses will be. 

Purchase A Strap For Them

Another technique that can be used to help your toddler wear their glasses is to purchases a glasses strap for their glasses. This strap is going to attach to either side of the glasses where they go over your child's ears. This is going to make it much more difficult for your child's glasses to fall off, or for them to pull them off. These straps can also be purchased in fun colors and/or with fun designs on them to help your child to see the strap as something that is fun and personalized, rather than something that is constrictive. 

Show Them Before And After With Their Glasses

If you are able to physically show your child just how much their glasses are improving their vision, they are going to be much more likely to wear them. You can do this by showing them a picture book with their glasses and then without them. They are going to see how much more clear the book looks when there glasses are on. This is going to help encourage them to keep their glasses on because they will want to continue to see things clearly.