Improving My Vision With The Right Glasses

Buying Glasses In Person Vs. Buying Online

As a consumer, you have ever more options for buying prescription eyeglasses. Being able to

buy glasses online opens up many avenues, but it can be daunting for someone who is used to

shopping at a brick and mortar store. Here are some ways that shopping online is similar to (and

different from) an in person retailer.

You Always Start with a Prescription

Whether you're shopping online or in person, you'll need a prescription for eyeglasses in order

to get started. Your optometrist will likely look at the prescription so that they can recommend

you the best frames and accessories for your lenses. Online retailers will often require that you

upload an image of your prescription before you start shopping.

More Options Online

One major benefit of shopping online is that you have many more options to choose from;

you're not limited to what's available at your local optometrist's office. Shopping online, as you

might imagine, will allow you to comparison shop to find good deals. Just make sure that your

insurance company is willing to cover your online glasses purchase at the same percentage rate

as they would an in person shop; otherwise, you might not get as great of a deal as you think.

Ease of Trying Them On

In person shopping has the convenience of letting you try on as many pairs as you want right

away. This is great for when you're not quite sure what types of frames would look best on you.

Many online retailers are beginning to let customers try on glasses as well. You would be able to

pick out a few frames with dummy lenses and have them shipped to you for a set number of

days. The store may cover return shipping so that you simply drop the glasses back in a

mailbox. Then, you would indicate which frames you would like to have in your real prescription


You Should Always Get Them Checked

No matter where you buy your lenses, the final stage is to have an eye doctor check to make

sure they fit properly. If they're purchased in person, you'll probably have an optometrist in

house to make sure the glasses meet your prescription needs. If you've bought your glasses

online, stop into your eye doctor's office to have them check for quality and make sure that the

lenses are centered correctly. In short, buying online and buying in person can both be

convenient as long as you are sure to get high quality lenses and frames made.