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Considering Contacts? What First Time Wearers Need To Know

If you have had enough with wearing glasses, you may be considering contact lenses. Some people can be squeamish about the idea of placing an item into their eye, and it can be difficult to get used to. However, with some practice, putting in your lenses will become second nature. The following are some tips for newbie contact lens wearers:

Clean Hands

One of the most important things to know as a new contact lens wearer is that you must have very clean hands before you start handling them. The eyes are very susceptible to bacteria, and handling your contacts with dirty hands can lead to a terrible eye infection. Before you get started using your contacts, be sure to wash your hands with hot water and soap. Rinse your hands very well and be sure to dry them thoroughly. Also, avoid putting any lotion or moisturizer on your hands until after you have placed your lenses.

Pay Attention to the Doctor

When you are getting contact lenses for the first time, your eye doctor will walk you through how to use them, including how to put them in. Pay close attention to the instructions from your doctor, as they can provide you with many tips and tricks on how to get them into the eye. It may seem difficult to do on your own, so you may want to practice inserting them a few times before you leave your appointment.

Read the Instructions

Next, read the instructions that come with your lenses. There are a variety of contact lenses available and many of them have different instructions for wear and care. For instance, daily disposables are meant to only be worn once a day while others can be worn for two weeks or more. Try to avoid wearing your lenses for longer than the recommended timeframe on the package. It is more likely for them to become damaged if they are worn for too long, which can cause the eyes to become irritated.

Practice Makes Perfect

Keep in mind that you may not be able to quickly pop them into your eyes when you first begin wearing your contacts. In fact, it may be somewhat difficult at first. Before you begin wearing your contacts regularly, take a day or two to practice putting them in and out. This will help you get used to including contacts to your daily routine. With time, you will be able to quickly get your contact lenses in and out in no time flat.

Getting contact lenses is a great way to escape wearing glasses, but keep in mind they are a commitment. If you want to get contacts, be sure to visit a consultation with your eye doctor to make sure you are a candidate.