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What You Need to Know About a Scratched Cornea

It is not uncommon to have something scratch your eye. You might have scratched your eye with your hand, gotten a small piece of dirt in the eye that scratched the cornea, or done a myriad of other things. Some people think that a scratched eye is nothing to worry about, but it can become very painful and can become dangerous if you are not careful. Here are some things you need to know about caring for a damaged cornea.

What Is a Scratched or Damaged Cornea?

The cornea of your eye is the most outer layer that protects the eye. It is very strong, but it can become damaged or compromised by a traumatic experience. Some ways that you will know that your cornea is damaged is that you will feel pain or irritation in the eye. The eye could hurt every time you blink feel like you have a scratch on the eye. You may not feel pain but may feel like you have a piece of sand in your eye. This is still a sign that there is a problem. Additionally, you might even have some bleeding in the eye. If the scratch or trauma was severe enough, there could be a popped blood vessel that bleeds into the eye and makes the whites of the eye red.

How Do You Treat a Damaged Cornea?

The eye is very resilient and will heal itself over time. The important thing is to protect the eye from further damage. For instance, you should avoid wearing contacts when your cornea is compromised. This will only make the problem worse. You might even put a patch over the eye to protect it from further contact with dangerous objects.

In addition, you need to protect the eye from infection. When the cornea is open like that, it can get an infected easily, and that will cause the healing to become compromised and can cause long-term damage. Using a sterile eye drop that helps to lubricate the eye will help to prevent infection and assist the eye in healing faster. If the eye starts to itch or turns red, you should get a medicated eye drop from your doctor.

Avoid rubbing the eye or touching it, since your hands have lots of dirt on them, and this dirt can cause an infection. Leaving the eye alone, with the exception of lubricating it and protecting it, will be the best way to get it to heal.

If you still have concerns about your eyes, talk to an eye doctor, such as one at Las Vegas Family Eye Care